Blood Bowl


mismatched, time-traveling team of players in various stages of decay:


Bloaters - Rotticus Pax, Putronius Araneus, Globbmax and Bleggharius, the filthy heavy hitters of the team - heavily converted Putrid Blightkings from GW.

Pestigors - Toandoro, Best'tigors, Mu'mulgor & Mi Kharnn, the foul runners and ball-handlers - converted Beastmen from the GW Doom Lords BB team.

Rotters - Bob, Ted, John, Mike, Jim & Bill, the fragile and diseased, but happy linemen - converted Rotters from the official GW Nurgle BB team.

Big Guy - a Rotspawn called Sloth the Sloth, a hyperactive, but shy beast with a puppy-like mentality - almost completely screatchbuilt miniature with few GW bits.

Group Shot - all the aforementioned players of the Putrid Punters shown together as a whole team.


Tolly Glocklinger - an enormous player swinging around his own intestine with a giant bell tied on the end of it. Conversion based on a Bloater from the GW BB Nurgle kit.

Guffle Pusmaw - famous Nurgle catcher using a mutated maw on his belly to outdo other similar players. Conversion based mostly on Putrid Blightking bits.


young and eager team of devious elves with a real dragon as their mascot:


Core Members - Blitzers, Witch Elves, Runners and Linemen - the team from the new GW box, with some headswaps for diversity.

Assassins - Astrys and Ezion, two rookie murderers always eager to please the crowd with their shenanigans. Official Dark Elf Assassins from Forge World.

Star Players - Roxanna Darknail and Torles the Unlucky. Official Star Witch Elf from Forge world and a kitbashed and homebrewed one - unlucky, yet still famous player on a wheelchair.


Team Owner - Mallerion, a real dragon and an enthusiast of the noble sport! Both a temperamental owner and a beloved mascot of the team (counts as few cheerleaders with a fireball option).


hopelessly elitist and stubborn team from Bretonnia:

Core Members - Blitzers, Throwers, Cathers and Linemen - standard human team from the 2016 box with heads swapped for iconic Bretonnian helmets.

Big Guy - Sir Blubb the Ogre - tough player that got knighted to join Carcassonne Cavaliers to add some raw strength to the team. Converted Blood Bowl Ogre from Games Workshop.


talented and ingenious, but barely kept together greenskin team:

Core Members - Blitzers, Black Orc Blockers, Throwers and Linemen - basic, only slightly converted team from the 2016 Games Workshop box.

Big Guy - Chompa the Troll, a big and sturdy player with a passion for interior design. A Blood Bowl Troll from Games Workshop.

Additional Black Orcs & Blitzers - Sturdy players from Dark Lands and mad savages from the far south. Converted Black Orcs and Savage Orcs from WFB.



The Weather Mage - Anirion, a proud and powerful mage who had to settle into being a minor game assisstant because of his life choices. Model of the same name from Reaper Miniatures.



Nurgle Extras - my Nurgle-themed takes on Bloodweiser Kegs and various markers, as well as Cavorting Nurglings - based on GW models, inclduing Poxwalkers and Eyestinger Swarms.

Chaos Renegades Players - small changes made to the all-metal team from Greebo Games - adding mutations and reposing the miniatures to signify their upgrades.

Nurgle Star Players - the whole set of converted stars playing for the best Chaos God - Guffle Pusmaw, Tolly Glocklinger, Bulla Shardhorn and Bilerot Vomitflesh.

Nurgle's Rotspawn - I wasn't happy with any of the existing options, so I decided to sculpt my own cute Big Guy out of greenstuff - with only minimal use of existing bits.

Nurgle's Bloaters conversions - 4 Bloaters, converted (based on Blightkings) quite extensively to show their upgrades, with Roman-style crests on their helmets.

Nurgle's Pestigors conversions - 4 Pestigors converted out of Chaos Beastmen, also converted to show their skills - through greenstuff and some bits.

Nurgle's Rotters conversions - 6 Rotters from the GW Nurgle box, each of them converted to show their unique upgrade - through the use of greenstuff and various bits.

Orc and Dark Elf reinforcements - 2 Black Orcs and 2 Blitzers made out of Black Orcs for WFB and Savage Orcs respetively and one kitbashed Dark Elf player on a wheelchair.

Human and Orc players - human team converted into Bretonnians, the ogre with greenstuff and bits, normal humans through headswaps. Black Orc captain with a mask is here too.


MATCH 1: The Dreadspear Dragons vs. The Putrid Punters
"Around Elves, Watch Yourselves!"

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