Sunday, June 9, 2019

Blood Bowl Additional Players - Orc Blockers and Blitzers

The unpainted WIP versions can be found HERE.

Today I bring you the positionals for my existing Orc Blood Bowl team, the Badlands Badbuttz - namely, two Black Orc Blockers and two Blitzers. The 2016 box comes with two of each, while the rules allow for four of each - and using all of them really helps to make the most out of the greenskin team. I used WFB miniatures, Black Orcs and Savage Orcs respectively, converted a bit to fit both the game and the other members of the team.

After initial successes in the new season, the head coach of Badlands Badbuttz decided to expand and recruit some new players, especially some ever-useful blockers and blitzers. Sadly, he got to it a little late in the season - most players were already taken, leaving only broken, mangled and/or useless rejects. Not discouraged, he sent his headhunter Tugtig deep into the world to look for promising players in their local leagues. The industrious goblin returned many weeks later with some rather, "exotic" greenskins. First were the black orcs from the Dark Lands league, used to heavy armor, prone to aggressive bursts and hardened after playing countless seasons with the hated Chaos Dwarfs teams. Second were the savage orc Blitzers from the scorched southern Badlands, completely crazy and frenzied from all the sun and using magical warpaint instead of armor. Getting them to play with the rest of the team will be even more difficult than usual, but well, the Badbuttz are nothing if not known for their diversity and some internal rivalries!

4 painted miniatures for Blood Bowl, 2 Orc Blitzers for Bloodbowl converted out of Savage Orcs for AoS and 2 Black Orc Blockers converted out of Ardboyz for AoS, both sets kitbashed a bit.

The painting of the Blockers was rather straightforward - it was the same thing as with the original team, lots of red, black, white markings. The one holding a human head in his hand has a red-white shield on his other hand - referencing the icon for the 'Guard' skill that's used in the video game - now it should be clear who has it! It was also the first time when I used a sponge to add weathering on their armor - and I must say, I am pretty satisfied with the effects.

2 Black Orc Blockers kitbashed out of AoS Ardboyz, converted and painted, visible from several angles.

Savage Orc Blitzers were much more interesting in comparison - there was no metal, lots of bone and lines, with the skin coming forward as the most important area. It was the first time since many, many years when I had to paint so much of orc skin - and a good opportunity to get the right hue of green for them. I was so happy with the result that I kinda didn't want to cover it with warpaint - but it was important for their theme and to somehow represent their high Armor Value - and it also turned out rather ok.

2 Orc Blitzers kitbashed out of AoS Savage Orruks, converted and painted, visible from several angles.


  1. prima sort detale na savage'ach (warpaint, tarcze i numery)

    1. Było z nimi trochę zabawy, więc dobrze, żę się podoba :) Dzięki!

  2. Your savage Orc blitzers are really fun. Great bits and a fun paint scheme to boot. I've also got BB Orcs, Human, Nurgle and Dark Elves so I'm pleasantly surprised to be going through your conversions.

    1. Thanks! They were indeed a lot of fun to paint :) I'm glad you can enjoy them - there's not enough BB hobby stuff on the internet, so I'm doing what I can :) Also nice that you have the same setup as me!