Other Armies & Projects



Sir Baranowski - cowardly nobleman that managed to escape a vampire ambush and informed his superiors about an undead presence in Varsavia. Kislev Boyar model from Games Workshop.

Joachim Messer - a vampire hunter from Ostland, brought to Varsavia to help eridicating the local undead menace. Witch Hunter model from Games Workshop.


Great Basilisk - A dangerous rooster-snake-like beast living in the forests of Varsavia. Converted Cockatrice from Games Workshop.

The Beast of Preytov - a malevolent, shapeshifting creature tormenting a single village. Preyton from Forge World.


Dungeon Twister Miniatures - two identical, yet differently colored teams from a boardgame Dungeon Twister. Painted them as a present for a friend.

The Triton Family - one of many kinds of monsters that are used in a boardgame 'Monster Slaughter' by Ankama. I painted those for my friends after playing a session of the game with them.

Zombie Wedding Present - two miniatures that I prepared as a wedding gift for my German friend - kitbashed GW zombies mounted on a big, wooden base.

Blutmane Nachthoof - vampire horse terrorizing the world since time immemorial. A fun Halloween project. Converted standard GW barded warhorse.

Wedding Miniatures - my first take on painting 54mm miniatures, used on my wedding cake. Converted Verthandi and Brogan from Andrea Miniatures.

Christmas Present - my first take on sculpting miniatures from scratch. Supposed to represent me and my girlfriend.

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