Sunday, May 17, 2020

Artwork - The Bog Hag, Concept

Second artwork that I am showing you to pass the time during the hiatus - one that I drew not much later than the first one.

I came with the idea for a Bog Hag when a Mourngul became an extremely popular choice in Undead armies (although I don't remember if it was WFB or AoS) - and I started wondering how could I make something similar, but also more fitting with my collection.

I choose a hag because the term is vague enough to allow for some creativity while staying close to the Slavic roots of my army. Then, to make her similar in stature to the monstrous Mourngul, I decided to make her big, creating not only just a hag, but the Hag, a terrifying Ghoul Mother of the Black Bog. The bigger scale will also make her much easier to sculpt - and any mistakes will be covered with all matter of moss, warts and hair. The pose that I drew is off and I hope to fix in 3D when I'll finally get to actually making her.


  1. Znając Twoje sculpting skille, nie mogę się doczekać! Dobrze rokuje też szczegółowość szkicu podstawki. Będą tataraki?

    1. Dzięki! A tataraki będą jeżeli wymyślę jak je zrobić ;)