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Three brothers:

Constantin von Greifen - cunning leader of the trio, most adept at handling magic. Vlad von Carstein model from Games Workshop.

Sorin von Greifen - a stoic spy and assassin. Vlad the Manhunter model from Enigma Miniatures.

Lucan von Greifen - military commander, traveler and a skilled swordsman. Vampire Samurai model from West Wind Miniatures.

Their childer:

Ioana von Greifen - female vampire knight, foul-mouthed and fierce. Monique Denoir model from Reaper Miniatures.

Abelard von Greifen - loyal Battle Standard Bearer. Old Blood Dragon miniature from Games Workshop, converted to hold an immense spectral banner and his family crest.

Viktor von Greifen - captain of the knight group, the feared Devil of Nemnov. Cavalry Lord kitbashed out of various Chaos parts and mounted on a metal Chaos Steed.


Eshnuu - Necrarch acolyte wanting from his unlife something more than just researching dusty tomes. Necrarch vampire, on foot and mounted, from Games Workshop.


Alexander Hautfell - old master necromancer looking to subvert the vampires' rule in Varsavia while pretending to be their loyal ally. Heinrich Kemmler model from Games Workshop.

Rado Krebs - untalented, petty and easily manipulated necromancer, Hautfell's apprentice. Plastic necromancer model from Games Workshop.

Haughr of Förghann - mysterious and powerful creature fond of striking deals with desperate people. Converted mounted Chaos Sorcerer from Games Workshop.

Alarich Schwering - crazed necromancer-survivalist from the Troll Country. Slightly converted old metal necromancer from Games Workshop.

Matthias Schwarzfeuer - impeccably extravagant necromancer with delusions about his situation. Another lightly converted old metal necromancer from Games Workshop.

Ignatyi Ognemet - pyromaniac necromancer with a good grasp on fire magic. Bright Wizard from GW with a Flagellant head, together with the Burning Head endless spell from AoS.


Avatar of the Death God - a physical manifestation of an ancient Varsavian deity. Slavic-themed, heavily converted Nagash from Games Workshop.

King Zlyshko - cunning political leader and military commander of the wights. Slightly converted plastic Wight King model from Games Workshop.

Kiril the Woodsman - brutal and well-known wight hero of old. Krell / Wight King with Black Axe model from Games Workshop.

Daremnych the Great Liche Priest - powerful undead wizard commanding a group of lesser liches. Slightly converted Necromancer Lord from Avatars of War, sculpted by Gary Morley.

Mertvet - evil and self-serving lieutenant to Daremnych. Liche model from Otherworld Miniatures.

Belomor - affable, yet cruel and fanatical follower of the Death God. 'The Liche Lord' model for Frostgrave.

Yarema the Giant - giant in stature, the famous bodygard of kings, princes and warlords. Kitbashed Wight King, conversion built around a Space Marine cape.

Drachitsa the Slayer - fearless heroine known for killing numerous beasts plagueing ancient Varsavia. Kitbashed Wight "Queen", conversion built around a dragonskin cape.

Drazhan the Younger - arrogant and overbearing architect-constructor from the ancient times. Kitbashed Vampire Counts-version of a Tomb Kings Necrotect.

Vekoslav the Beautiful - a very loyal wight soldier possesing a great and imposing presence - chosen naturally to carry the greatest banner of the Death God's army. Wight King from FW.


High Council of the Radiant Wheel - mysterious cult leaders appointed by Daremnych to lead his mortal followers. First set of models from Black Crab Miniatures kickstarter.

Cultists of the Radiant Wheel - servants of the cults, tasked with infliltrating and influencing surrounding settlements. First models from the second set of Black Crab Miniatures kickstarter.


Haralamb Gudvanger - flesh-stitcher and a disciple of the Lady of the Bog. Mounted Nurgle Lord model from Games Workshop converted to look like a creepy hand collector.

Kaliglav the Scarlet Priest - leader of the religious cult devoted to the Lady of the Bog. Thaddeus the Purifier from Blackstone Fortress converted to incorporate flesh horror elements.

Gavros - a brutal and destructive Strigoi Vampire, Serrana's brother. Plastic Strigoi Vampire Model from Games Workshop, reposed and given larger ears to look more monstrous.

Serrana - Gavros' sister, a rare female Strigoi - animalistic, yet alluring. 'Harpy's Embrace' model from Gamezone Miniatures, painted and slightly converted to look more vampiric.


Lady Ecaterina Sokolov - varsavian vampire noble, in an uneasy alliance with von Greifen vampires. Slightly converted Coven Throne model from Games Workshop.

Vaclav the Red - a true Blood Dragon vampire riding a red dragon, Ecaterina's most loyal servant. GW Vampire riding converted Imrik's HE dragon with new, pointy scales.


Doina the Forsaken - old, rather senile banshee. Simple 'Ghost' model from Reaper Miniatures, Bones range.

Spectral Swordmaster - a ghostly manifestation of swordsmen defeated by Lucan von Greifen. 'Spectral Minion' model from Reaper Miniatures.

Ghost of the Ice Witch - an old, vengeful apparition with ice powers. Slightly converted Cairn Wraith from Games Workshop.

Berthild & Erentraud Hautfell - tortured spirits of the Master Necromancer's sisters. Two old metal banshee miniatures from Games Workshop.



The Zombie Legion - weak, yet extremely numerous troops used by von Greifens. 400-wound strong unit of various zombies, full of fillers and conversions. Has an index of its own, found here.

Hautfell's Skeleton Regiment - an orderly unit of skeletons used often by Hautfell and other necromancers. 50-wound unit of Skeleton Warriors with spears from Games Workshop.

Varsavian Wretches - degenerate, corpse-eating creatures that tend to gather around Gudvanger. 50-wound unit - a mix of 30 Crypt Ghouls from Games Workshop and 20 Ghouls from Mantic.

The Lady's Gardeners - bloody and horrific mockeries of the proud Dryads, created by the Lady of the Bog. 20 Dryads from GW converted to incorporate various flesh-horror elements.

Gudvanger's Homunculi - loyal and nasty servants to Gudvanger, always on the search of body parts for him. 30 Gnoblars from GW with heads swapped for ghoul heads.


Wight Infantry - disciplined ancient wight warriors clad in patinated armor. 20-wound unit of Grave Guard equipped with two-handed weapons - from Games Workshop.

Wight Warriors Host - unit of wights expanded into a great and mighty force. 50-wound unit of Grave Guard equipped with two-handed weapons - from Games Workshop.

Wraiths of Siekierno - a unit of 10 rank-and-file Cairn Wraiths, converted from AoS Grimghast Reapers from GW and painstakingly set up to fit tightly on 20x20mm bases.

Gudvanger's Body Puppets - a unit of mad, botched body copies of the Flesh Stitcher. 6 somewhat converted Putrid Blightkings from GW.


Gudvanger's Monsters - large and foul creatures made out of stitched flesh, Gudvanger's creations. A unit of 8 heavily converted ogres from Games Workshop, serving as Crypt Horrors.


Prenzlauer Guard - heavily armored vampire knights, old von Greifen servants. A unit of 5 Chaos Knights from Games Workshop converted and painted to be used as Blood Knights.

Wight Cavalry - elite knights of ancient Varsavia riding on their armored, skeletal steeds. A unit of 5 Black Knights from Games Workshop.

The Green Hunt - the mythical Green Rider with his spectral horsemen. A unit of 10 Hexwraiths mounted on Chaos Marauder horses and painted to look as if they burn with green flames.


Monsters from the East - dark-skinned vampires turned into flying, feral monstrosities. 3 Vargheists from Games Workshop, with one of them having a converted jaw and reposed wings.

Gudvanger's Flying Horrors - bizarre undead creatures with bellies full of visceral, ravenous flesh. 3 rather heavily converted Carrions from the Tomb Kings range, Games Workshop.

Alkonosts - a mostly-benevolent variant of Varsavian bird-women. 2 Great Eagles from Mirliton with scratchbuilt heads, made to resemble bird-women from Slavic folklore.

Sirins - a mostly malevolent variant of Varsavian bird-women. 2 Wood Elf Warhawks from Games Workshop with scratchbuilt heads, made to resemble bird-women from Slavic folklore.


Vilks - undead wolves raised from the Varsavian soil. Two units of 6 Dire Wolves each - from Games Workshop.

Sorin's Wolf Pack - pack of tougher undead wolves used for special tasks. A unit of 6 Zombie Wolves from Gamezone Miniatures.


Restless Spirits - ghosts of ancient warriors brought into this world. 3 bases of 'Warriors of the Dead' from Games Workshop and their Lord of the Rings range.

Varsavian Bats - irritating, bloodsucking creatures usually following vampires and their armies. 3 bases of 'Bloodthirsty Bats' from Mirliton, mounted on gravestone bases.

Varsavian Hermits - tortured spirits of local hermits murdered by the vampires. 3 bases of slightly converted, old metal Spirit Hosts from Games Workshop.



Livio Heim - barely sane necromancer gathering rotting corpses for some nefarious purposes. A Corpse Cart model from Games Workshop.

The Deadminder - spirit of a man and his daughter, tasked with gathering corpses in Varsavia so that they can be properly buried. 'Chariot of the Harvester' model from Gamezone Miniatures.


Fledermaus - an animalistic, monstrous vampire saved by Constantin from opressive slavery. A Varghulf model from Games Workshop.

Netherpyr - a giant, undead bat, loyal to the Strigoi siblings. Terrorgheist model from Games Workshop, magnetized and with a slot for a character.

The Effigy of Death - last one of the ancient animated statues, brought to action by wights. Heavily Converted Necrosphinx from the Tomb Kings range, Games Workshop.

Gatzek - Eshnuu's and Lucan's attempt at creating a beast similar to Fledermaus. Converted Wolfbomination miniature from the Zombicide boardgame.

The Three Hunters - men 'blessed' for their deeds by the Lady of the Bog, they roam Varsavia doing her bidding. Three Skin Wolves from Forge World.



  1. Jedna z ładniejszych armii VC jakie widziałem. Horda Zombie robi niesamowite wrażenie. Widać ogrom pracy włożonej w każdą miniaturę. Brawo!