Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ignatyi Ognemet

This was the last time I painted so much fire!

Half a year ago I posted my WIP pictures of converted, odd Necromancers and it's finally time to wrap up the project and post the third and the last one of them painted, the fire-necromancer Ignatyi.

As you can see, this one was all about fire all over him - the rest was my standard dirty clothing. Unfortunately, I have a weird dislike for painting flames, I don't know why, but it just drains my motivation. I noticed it already on my Hexwraiths, but this time I thought I can force myself through it and maybe it'll at least look good. To make it even more interesting (and worse for me) I bought a Burning Head endless spell because it works just perfect with this character.

The whole idea came to me when I was reading rules for 9th Age a long time ago - and they decided to give necromancers Lore of Flames, to give them more offensive potential. This gave me an idea to create a crazed Necromancer, shrouded in green balefire - if not for the game, then at least as a painting/modeling challenge. Since that time the creators of the game changed the whole idea of Lores of Magic, to my miniature no longer applies there. Oh well! I will leave the assessment to you if he looks good enough to be worth all the stress those flames costed me.

Being a fire wizard is one of the surest ways to get yourself banished from the Kislevite society - not only you pose a hazard to all the wooden buildings, but you also stand in direct opposition to the traditional ice magic practiced in the land. Such was Ignatiy’s story - what started as an unusual talent which could find its use on the battlefield, soon became a reason for discrimination and exclusion amongst his traditionalist peers. That, together with pyromania which started to creep into his mind, soon led to his banishment. Ridden with paranoia and slowly losing his sanity, he was found by a certain hooded and masked individual. That creature showed him that his talents can be melded together with necromantic arts to use the energies of the dead and create an especially fell and devastating kind of fire. Wielding those sinister green flames, Ignatiy descended into almost complete madness through all the years he plagued Kislev. In that state, he got recruited by Hautfell - as a very volatile, fiery artillery for his necromantic coven.

Two painted models - one, a converted fire necromancer lifting a flaming staff and a burning sword up high, with a Burning Head endless spell next to him. The flames on both are painted green with OSL effects on the wizard. The miniature is visible from several angles.


  1. Replies
    1. Dzięki :D Może jednak było warto się przemęczyć z tym ogniem...

  2. Niezły ten OSL. No i świetna szata i pergaminy, podobnie podoba mi się malowanie ognia.

  3. Very impressive !!

    This green color is not usual on these minis ^^

    Good paintjob ^^


    1. Thanks!

      I wouldn't even bother if I didn't have an idea to make it green, always something more interesting (and probably easier to paint than trying to mix yellow with red ;)

  4. O jaki spaczeń!!! Zielony zielonym, ale nieodmiennie zawstydzać freehandowymi szlaczkami i fakturą szaty. Petarda.

    1. Wolałbym cały oddział pokryć szlaczkami, niż robić tyle ognia - więc ciesze się, że się podoba, nawet jeżeli mniejszym moim kosztem ;)