Sunday, September 15, 2019

Blood Bowl Nurgle Team - Pestigors

After the fighty, tough Bloaters, it's time for the fast (as far as Nurgle allows), ball handling Pestigors.

Just like with the beforementioned positionals, I wasn't satisfied with the official GW ones - while it's a good sculpt, there are just two of them in the box, both with the same pose. To get all 4 in different poses I decided to use Beastmen from the Doom Lords Blood Bowl team and convert them into the rotten versions of themselves. Using BB minis also spared me making them more sporty, they were unarmed and quite dynamic already.

In comparison to the warriors, those guys didn't have that much armor on them, so it was purely an exercise on disgusting, Nurgly flesh - and it was, of course, a lot of fun. Like the others, they got also converted to represent somehow their upgrades - which I describe below. Their names were inspired/taken from BB1 and BB2 video games, where the generator makes a pretty good job creating some beastly-sounding monikers for the goats.

WIP can be seen HERE.

When the Putrid Punters disappear into the warp, only to reappear many years later, they do so together - players, coaches, staff, etc. Only while you can see on the nigh-unkillable Bloaters how they are from another era, the Pestigors are never really keen on following the universal cultural norms, so the changes on them are not that noticeable on the first look. Here it’s the playstyle that’s different - while Bloaters smash and stink as always, modern beastmen are more refined and organized in their behavior on the pitch. In comparison, the Bloaters’ Pestigors are more bestial and chaotic - relying on their instinct more than on the coach’s instructions. Thankfully, they have a brain (unlike Rotspawn!), so it usually works out in the end.

On the left there is a goat with the 'Sprint' ability - the intestine trailing behind him is supposed to give him a sense of speed. The one on the right rolled the unlikely 12 and got a bonus to his strength - to represent that, I made him much bulkier, beefy - making him resemble a Bloater a little more (which makes sense, they are ST4 too!).

2 painted Pestigor of Nurgle miniatures for use in Blood Bowl, converted out of BB Chaos Beastmen, using greenstuff, visible from different angles. Their skin is pale yellow and the clothes dirty green. One on the left has an intestine trailing behind him as he runs, representing the 'Sprint' skill, while the one on the right has been made fatter and bulkier, representing his additional Strength point.

And the remaining two runners. The Pestigor the left is the one with 'Extra Arm' skill and the first one that I converted. Such an upgrade is also usually the first one that I take in the video game, making the first lucky goat into an official ball handler. The other one has 'Two Heads' mutation, which makes it easier for him to dodge (somehow). The additional head is small and malformed, which was also inspired by the video game, where it's similarly represented.

2 painted Pestigor of Nurgle miniatures for use in Blood Bowl, converted out of BB Chaos Beastmen, using greenstuff, visible from different angles. Their skin is pale yellow and the clothes dirty green. One on the left has a Plaguebearer arms sticking out of his back, representing the 'Extra Arms' skill, while the one on the right a small, deformed head dangling around, representing the 'Two Heads' skill.


  1. Whoa !! Very Impressive indeed ^^

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    1. Many, many thanks!

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    3. No, you've wrote it correctly, merci ;)

  2. Great conversions and painting!

  3. Powiedziałbym, że poważna konkurencja dla Pestigorów z pudełka Bloatersów, gdyby nie to, że w tym zastosowaniu te figurki ich po prostu deklasują.

    A kolorystycznie szczególnie miłe memu oku są zgniłe żółciozielenie w zestawieniu ze lśniącą, brunatną czerwienią flaków.

    1. Oficjalny pestigor to bardzo dobry model (pracuję obecnie nad jednym z nich), tylko kłopot w tym, że ma dość specyficzną formę, pozę i jest to efektywnie tylko 1 wariant - dlatego lepiej było mi sie tu pomęczyć - bardzo się cieszę, że się podoba :)