Warhammer Underworlds



The Faceless - small group of enigmatic knights in ornate armor, wandering Vechernya in search of monsters and heresy to purge. Heavily converted Steelheart's Champions from Games Workshop.

Sons of Skalv - band of brothers, bloodthirsty barbarians, raiding Vechernya in the search of glory and wealth. Converted Garrek's Reavers from Games Workshop.

Kiril's Retinue - wights of Vechernya, endlessly raising from their graves in a hopeless search to rejoin their unit of warriors. Sepulchral Guard from Games Workshop.


The Faceless - Dark Souls-inspired knights in elaborate armor - heavily converted Stormcast Eternal warband Steelheart's Champions.

Sons of Skalv - Garrek's Reavers converted to look much simpler, like low-fantasy vikings rather than overly ornate Khorne warriors.


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