Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Effigy of Death

A heavily converted Necrosphinx from Games Workshop, painting finished in May 2016. After everything I did to him there's barely any original mini left visible - the process can be seen HERE. Painting itself was messy, I was often dissatisfied with it and redoing things - especially the stone parts. In the end, I think it turned out pretty good - it fits other wights despite being rather different - a good lesson for future projects.

The Death God is known in many forms. Sometimes he allows you to speak with long-dead relatives, sometimes he raises undead to work in the fields, sometimes he demands you to perform grisly rituals for unknowable reasons and sometimes he personally wages war against his followers’ enemies. A long time ago statues were built by Varsavians to resemble that war-like aspect of their god - and after King Zlyshko was raised, he organized a search for any remaining ones. Only one such Effigy of Death was found relatively intact. And strangely enough, while it’s strictly a Varsavian creation, Lucan quickly pointed out it’s strange similarity to Khemrian sphinxes. Sculpted out of stone, shaped with wood and metal, this monument is impressive enough, but only after sacrificing a childless human inside the statue’s belly and baptizing it with blood, the construct comes to life for a short time to wreak havoc against enemies of Varsavia. And while it relies only on its physical power, it’s usually enough to best most foes. Statue’s stone body, covered in metal, is durable beyond imagination - and its blades can cut through even the toughest monsters, even if with their weight alone. Woe betide those that stand in its way!

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