Friday, December 29, 2017

Nagash / Avatar of the Death God

After many difficulties and obstacles, I managed to finish painting Nagash in January 2016. The conversion work was extensive (you can see the whole process documented HERE), but painting itself took even more time and energy. The size of the model, the freehands, difficulty of reaching everything, many different surfaces - it was surely challenging - but I also learned a lot.

I painted the floating idols to look like 8 different minerals, to symbolize 8 lores of magic in Warhammer universe. I tried my best to emulate real stones I choose to represent them: beasts is amber, death is amethyst, metal is gold, fire is karneol, heavens is moonstone, life is jade, shadow is chaldedony and light is golden beryl.

Speaking with newly raised King Zlyshko, von Greifens were able to learn that their Death God sometimes allowed to summon his avatar in times of great need. Striking such a deal with him came most often with great costs - even after a huge amount of sacrifices, the summoner would find his own life in the hands of the unpredictable deity. But when it succeeded, great hosts of undead warriors could be easily summoned and enemy armies quickly obliterated. Vampires were really unsure about dealing with such an unpredictable power, but decided to remember about it, should great danger arise. They also put Hautfell under much stricter watch, expecting the necromancer to try and subvert this power for himself. Only time will tell if he'll try it - and if it's even possible to control such a being.

Only after doing the photos above I got a tripod to properly make photos of the base. I spend so much time doing it, it seemed a waste that it wasn't good visible in the main photos.