Thursday, December 28, 2017

King Zlyshko

Plastic Wight King from GW painted in November 2015 - kinda as a 'byproduct' when painting Nagash with the same color scheme. He got slightly converted to look more Slavic than the standard version, much less clean too. The idea about him came from the visible part of the shield which I interpreted as a spider - and then I spun the narrative around that, also painting a fitting design on his cloak. There's also a tiny bit changed that should be easier to spot after reading the backstory.

Zlyshko got a nickname 'the Spider' during his youth for having six fingers on his right hand - and while it was said with derision at first, he embraced the moniker - for he has cunning as a real spider during his rule. Later he became known for being the first ancient king to bend his knee before the Avatar of the Death God. While others before him perished without even a memory of them left in the world, Zlyshko was clever enough to notice when should he put his pride aside. Thanks to that, he was blessed with extreme longevity and eventually - undeath. Ruthless warrior and an effective tactician, he led many armies against the enemies of the ever-expanding Varsavia, before eventually being put to a rest in an exquisite tomb. While still susceptible to some degree to the necromantic powers of von Greifens and Hautfell, he manages to show a large degree of independence from those who raised him. That, coupled with the fact that wights tend to listen to him rather than the necromancers, makes him a dangerous wild card in modern Varsavia. Thankfully for the vampires and necromancers, he considers the younglings (as he calls the denizens of the modern world) useful allies.

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