Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Alexander Hautfell

A Heinrich Kemmler miniature from Games Workshop painted in October 2013, finecast. Probably my favorite necromancer model, I looked quite a bit for it and when I finally got I tried to make at least a bit special. That's why he got those skeleton hands and a freehand on his cloak.

While von Greifens excelled at close combat, subterfuge and diplomacy, they lacked a really good practitioner of Necromancy in their midst. They could manage like that for a while, but when they needed to face real opposition in Varsavia, they needed numbers and magical support. After some searching and initial disagreements, Constantin managed to ally with an exiled imperial nobleman and a master necromancer, Alexander Hautfell. While the mage was ready to help the bloodsuckers in exchange for their protection, he was way too proud and arrogant to let this situation continue indefinitely. Sooner or later, he will wring control of this land from them.


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