Zombie Legion Index

Zombie Legion is my 400-wound big unit of zombies composed of miniatures and fillers of all shapes and sizes. Because of how big this project is, I made this index of all the entries relating to it to make it all better organized and easier to browse.


from oldest to newest

The Regulars - the foundation of the horde, 65 standard GW zombies painted back in 2013.

The Lost One - a Stormcast Eternal / Sigmarine Liberator turned into a zombie after getting lost in another universe.

Kislev Infantry Levy - 10 Empire Archers models converted to resemble polish infantry from 16th/17th century.

The Stirlanders - various Empire-related zombies - a cannon, pikemen and other infantrymen of Stirland.

A Hardy Minotaur - single beastman Minotaur skewered with all sorts of weapons, together with WIP photos.

Undead Stegadon - the biggest single model in legion and its centerpiece - a Lizardmen/Seraphon warbeast turned into an undead platform for zombies.

The Oldest - old Cursed Company miniatures, the command group, an orc, a lizardman and a dwarf.

Chaos Gorebeast - a zombified monster taken from a Chaos Chariot.

Trolls - a forest troll, a stone troll and a black troll - all three undead, all three from different manufacturers.

Giant Spiders - heavily reposed spiders from the goblin kit turned undead.

The Brutes - big nasty guys on 40mm bases, one with a halberd, one with a breaking wheel, one with a cage and a fat cossack made out of AoS Bloodstoker.

Mummified Drake - a dirty, mummified and wingless dragon resting on a rotten log, a model from Fenryll Miniatures.

Mercenaries - various human zombies with gear taken from many different armies.

Bretonnian Peasants - men-at-arms turned undead, with their signature large, colorful shields with heraldic symbols. And one archer too.

Chaos Worshippers - various chaos-related infantry, warriors, marauders, etc.

Beasts - various undead animals - two wolves, a Cold One, white lion and a boar.

Varsavian Warriors - Frostgrave Barbarians converted and painted to resemble pre-christian slavic warriors.

Elves - some zombified elves of various allegiances, inluding one druichii headless mistress whipping her zombie slave.

Command Groups - all the champions, standard bearers and musicians used for the Legion, lots of bits, conversions and freehands.

Torn Parts - half of an ogre and parts of a giant wandering about with the rest of the small zombies.

Cavalry - all kinds of cavalry: two Empire knights, a winged hussar, a mockup Bretonnian noble and a horseriding acrobat.

Idol Statues - scratchbuilt slavic idols together with various accompanying zombies.

The Order of the Lady's Tears - undead remains of a hateful Bretonnian cult, infantry together with their 'Pain Tree'.

Skaven - some ratmen undead that got mixed in the Legion - four infantryrats and one wolf-rat.

Forest Treasures - Varsavia is littered with remainings of old armies and peoples - and zombies are often used to explore or transport them.

Two Creeps - Two shady humans turned into zombies - 'Dreg Devourer and Slinker' from Reaper Miniatures.

Miscellaneous - The rest of the zombies, ones that didn't fit into any other sub-groups. Includes three zombies posing with a Terrorgheist head and a bit of common infantry.

from oldest to newest

WIP #1 - largely scratchbuilt troll, half of an ogre, kislevite champion, armless khorne warrior, empire knight, wood elf, chaos warrior and a pierced bretonnian.

WIP #2 - Age of Sigmar miniatures: the Bloodstoker and a Stromcast Eternal / Sigmarine Liberator.

WIP #3 - zombies holding a Terrorgheist head, dark elves, Stirlanders, Kislevites, first creepy cultist, pikemen, giant parts and more.

WIP #4 - dark elf whipping lady, all the Kislevites, some Skaven and Bretonnians.

WIP #5 - two whole units built, including a cannon, a dwarf wagon and some single zombies.

WIP #6 - The Brutes - three of the brutes, the one with a breaking wheel, the one with a cage and the headsman.

WIP #7 - a command group, cultist twins, a chaos gorebeast, mummified drake, Skaven rat-wolf, a whipper, cavalry and zombies on an ogre cannon.

WIP #8 - Undead Stegadon - a conversion process of turning a single Lizardman/Seraphon Stegadon into a gutted platform for zombies.

WIP #9 - giant spiders, 40k chaos cultists, an elf, a tree with cages and two more trolls.

WIP #10 - Varsavian Warriors - Frostgrave Barbarians converted to look like undead, pre-christian slavic warriors.

WIP #11 - scratchbuilt slavic idols with zombies near them and a skewered boar.


And some statistics at the end. The Zombie Legion is composed of:

  • 194 20x20mm bases
  • 21 40x40mm bases
  • 10 20x40mm bases
  • 8 20x60mm bases
  • 4 40x60mm bases
  • 4 40x80mm bases
  • 1 20x40mm base
  • 1 60x120mm base

That means that single 20x20mm bases take 48,5% of the whole 'zombie area' while being 79,8% of 243 bases overall. And the single Stegadon, while being only 1 base, 0,41% of the whole amount, takes 4,5% of the whole area.