Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Zombie Legion - Kislev Infantry Levy

Part of the Zombie Legion

Converted Empire Archers turned into zombie infantrymen - painted in May 2017. I based them on the polish infantry from the 16th/17th century, which you can see HERE. After they were painted they were still way too clean in my opinion - so it was a perfect excuse to try out some pigments I bought shortly before that. It was my first time using them and I think it turned out pretty good. The box had 11 sets of legs, so I managed to get an extra zombie out of those archers.

Von Greifens may have carved a pretty big domain for themselves in Varsavia, but they were still small time compared to big players in the Old World politics - from which Kislev is their immediate neighbor. And while the Tsardom may be one of the weaker human realms, they are still a major local power with many thousands of soldiers available to them - which makes von Greifens and their hundreds of troops look rather meager. Because of that, Brothers try to stay away from Boyars to avoid provoking them, but small skirmishes still happen from time to time. Reminders of those clashes remain in the zombie hordes that vampires drag along for their battles - they are immediately recognizable by their blue clothes, typical fur-hats and Kislev sabers.

Zombie Legion - WIP #5

And finally some milestone for all that zombie building - I built enough of them to cover 90 20x20mm bases - which together with 10 spares I had from another unit, gave me full 100 of them. It was quite a long season of building and converting - I managed to stab myself in the fingers three times.

First, both of the units assembled and ready for basing and spraying:

And then some highlights from that part of the work. First, the cannon, next multibase piece. A nice and big one, takes a lot of space, making my job much easier.

Then, a dwarven minecart from Battle for the Skull Pass - I didn't know such a nice piece existed in that starter set. Thankfully it was very easy to find one on eBay. With Milliput, I prepared a hole in the ground of sorts - to use some water effects there and have it partially submerged.

And some random creations.

Zombie Legion - WIP #4

Even more zombies!

First one here is a two filler set of an undead Dark Elf mistress whipping her undead slave. I bought the Black Dragon kit long ago to turn it into a Zombie Dragon - and while I didn't get to it yet, I used the surplus of riders that box provided. The elf has half of her head sculpted and the zombie has new back on him - together with whipping scars.

Here is the rest of the Kislev Infantry Levy I made converting Empire Archers. You can see the painted version HERE.

Here are some Skaven I bought to be incorporated into the Legion. Not seeing their models since 2002 made me very surprised at how small they actually are.

And some bretonnian-styled zombies below. The ghoul with a bretonnian helmet is almost a complete copy of something I have seen on /tg/ - and I can't even give credit to that genius who mixed ghouls with bretonnian bits to emphasize their belief in being 'courtiers' in new AoS lore, as I couldn't find any info about them. Much better approach than just applying new fluff to old models - in my opinion at least. Here's also one of the first models I ever had - an old bretonnian archer that was given as a 'practice piece' to starter set of paints, back in the day.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Zombie Legion - WIP #3

Some more conversion work on the zombie legion. I had plans for some of them for a long time - and for other, it was a quick inspiration coming while looking through the bitz box. Because of that, the projected number of miniatures involved was increasing steadily. At that point (April 2017) I expected to have 6x50 zombies.

First one of this set - some zombies playing with a Terrorgheist head. I had that spare head lying around and I always wanted to use it somehow on my zombies - and this was the idea that I came up with. Adds a bit of humor to my otherwise serious collection - zombies are perfect for that.

I also had some Dark Elf bodies laying around - elves are quite difficult to 'zombiefy' without excessive work, but I managed to get at least a few of them in the legion. On the second picture, you can see two musicians and the first one of creepy cultists I converted.

Here you can see first three of the Kislev Footmen - converted from the Empire Archers kit. You can see the whole unit of them HERE. On the second picture, there are some old pikemen that I made more historically appropriate with some brass rods - they will be surely difficult to transport, but those pikes protruding from the zombie crowd make for a very good image.

And some more monster bits. Ghorgon hand made to crawl alongside the rest of the walking dead with a Giant head hopping along too. Below those you can see some old Cursed Company miniatures which I managed to hunt on eBay through all the years - they fit my mix-and-match horde very well, even if they are skeletons.

And lastly, more random creations.