Sunday, September 8, 2019

Kaliglav the Scarlet Priest - WIP

Recently I got miniatures to be used as human followers of the wights and their Death God cult - and after getting them, I started wondering if I could represent somehow people following the Lady of the Bog, their priests - to mix some religious imagery with blood and flesh horror. Then I saw THIS artwork from the amazing Bogdan Rezunenko and it really got my gears moving. This resulted in me buying Taddeus the Purifier, the priest from Blackstone Fortress to change him into what I need - bringing us the update this week, Kaliglav the Scarlet Priest, the pious servant of the wise and fair Lady of the Bog.

I had to get rid of all the technological elements, smooth out the details and make it everything much grittier and dirtier. Just like with the tentacle-legged Nurgle sportsman from before, I attached the priest to the base with a rod and then built up all the tentacles around it - which gave me freedom when sculpting and posing them. I could also give him more than just two hands - it strengthens the effect of being 'beyond human form' and it actually references the original miniature, who had a servo skull with a gun as the third 'limb'. I also cut off the top surface of the base - I will fill it with some resin to represent a murky, dirty bog.

A compilation of photos showing WH40k miniature converted to be used as a pagan, flesh-horror-related priest. Original parts of the miniature are red, kitbashed elements are grey - with greenstuff showing all the sculpted parts. The miniature is visible from several angles.


  1. No proszę, kolejny świetny model, kto by się spodziewał. ;) :)

  2. A to tentakle. DarkAoS aż miło.

    1. Dzięki, staram się celować w tą stylistykę z nie-bloodbowlowymi figurkami ;)