Monday, October 30, 2017

The Green Hunt + WIP

Hexwraiths painted in December 2014 - the riders are from the original GW Black Knights set and the horses are from GW Chaos Marauders - an idea I saw on the Carpe Noctem forum. They were a good excuse to try out some inverted highlighting on all the flames and manes - and on such a big unit, it was tedious beyond my comprehension... But the effect was kinda worth it. The first set of pictures will show two 5-man-strong sub-units and the second one will show the whole Green Hunt.

The green rider is a mythical figure in the Varsavian countryside - a hunter of the dead shrouded in green flames, capturing worthy warriors for his own band, preparing for an untold danger that will befall the land. He wasn't seen for a long time, though. Communing with the ghosts, von Greifens and their necromancers were able to find and bring him back into the material world after elaborate rituals and few sacrifices. Part undead spirit, part fey of the land, he agreed to help his summoners from time to time in exchange for bringing him nine worthy hunters, for he lost his previous band. Thankfully, the search was hastened thanks to a Chaos Marauder raid by a band of Vaultring the Death Hand. While proving to be a tough opponent, he and his band soon joined the Green Hunt as shrieking wraiths. After that, people once again started to talk about ghastly green warriors galloping through the Varsavian forests.



The champion of the unit, the Green Rider, was converted to look like the Red Rider from the Russian fairytale from a picture by Ivan Bilibin.


  1. Piękny pomysł. Lubie modele, które wzorowane są na obrazkach czy rycinach. Bardzo fajna praca.

    1. Dzięki! Też lubię sobie czasem takie wyzwanie postawić ;) Z podobnych, jeszcze te stwory mam wzorowanie na ilustracji.