Sunday, February 9, 2020

Cultists of the Radiant Wheel

Some time ago I painted my first Kickstarter miniatures - Black Crab Miniatures, a great set of minis made by Meridian Miniatures and inspired by amazing artwork by @blackcrabart. They were so successful that the author went with the second set of similar miniatures - which I naturally bought. Now they are getting painted - and here are the first four out of twelve.

I used the minis from the first Kickstarter as the leaders of a cult founded by the wights in my little narration - and those individuals here are their direct subordinates. They use the same color scheme as the High Council, but while the leaders were clean and ornate, the cultists are dirty and wear some additional clothing that doesn't fit the original color scheme - I wanted to bring them closer to the unaffiliated, poor villagers that they try to convert by breaking the purity of their 'uniform'.

As with the previous miniatures, those here are great sculpts with very good quality. Their robes are flatter than before - and thus not as interesting to paint, but they were still fun, especially with additional textures and weathering.

The Cult of the Radiant wheel is spreading through Varsavia well, but the members of the High Council are not doing that by themselves - they appoint loyal cultists from amongst their apprentices and send them away to surrounding villages. Those wretches then try to infiltrate the communities, earn their trust and become useful to them - from where they start influencing the local leaders’ decision while covertly spreading information about the cult itself and serving as spies. Affected by the wights’ magic to some extent, those cultists tend to look weird, but the people of Varsavia are used to it and accept them - with the amount of dark and chaotic magic flowing through the land, the poor villagers here are rarely as ‘normal’ as their cousins in the Empire.

4 tabletop cultists miniatures from Black Crab Miniatures, seen from several angles - they painted with red, black and brown robes, with lots of dirt and weathering on them.


  1. Sympatyczne chłopaki. Na pierwszy rzut oka widać, że do tańca i do różańca. :D

  2. Wyglądają rewelacyjnie! Na górze tacy piękni i czyści a na dole fajowe, kontrastujące z tym błoto. Piękności!

    1. Wielkie dzięki! Takie było założenie, więc się cieszę, że Ci się podobają :)

  3. Bardzo ciekawe miniatur. Malowanie klasa sama w sobie!