Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Wight Warriors Host

A weird update today - not really something new, but rather more of something old!

Grave Guard from GW were the reason why I started collecting Vampire Counts a long time ago. I got my first, 20-wight strong unit of them pretty quickly and it was thanks to them I got the idea of making my army Slavic-oriented and started using the popular patina/verdigris color scheme. Only later I noticed that 20 Grave Guard wasn't that much - and pretty often I had to proxy them. After that, I started buying more boxes of them, planning to expand my unit sometime. And now, 5 years later, I have finally painted all of them - and my big bad death star of 50 wights is complete!

During those years I expanded the Slavic theme in my army, so when I was building these guys, I made a lot of pointy helmets for them. Some of them turned out rather crazy high - but I still have yet to decide if such exaggeration is good, or if I should tone it down next time. Like the old unit, they also have different blades on their weapons (swords from the Skeletons box), because I never liked the original ones. The painting side of the whole project was, of course, the same as 5 years ago, only this time it was probably much quicker and tidier.

Wight warriors are the most effective undead troops in Varsavia - but that amounted to nothing in the face of innumerable hordes of zombies and ghouls available to the vampires and necromancers, the wights’ rivals in the land. Zlyshko wanted to bolster his forces ever since he was raised, but finding the right tombs was difficult, especially if he had to stay beneath his ‘allies’ suspicion. Only when Daremnych joined him, they could strengthen their forces with new warriors - all of them skilled, clad in heavy armor and wielding the cursed blades of the ancient Varsavia. With this new host, they could start openly fighting for their rightful place in this realm.

First, the whole host:

Horde of 50 Grave Guard miniatures, set up in a big horde on an rectangular Unit Tray. Their armor is painted to resemble patina / verdigris and they have yellow freehanded patterns on their black tabbards.

And now some single warriors:

Singular examples of Grave Guard miniatures, shown separately and in detail. Their armor is painted to resemble patina / verdigris, they have yellow freehanded patterns on their black tabbards and cary great weapons.


  1. WOW!!! Szczena opadła ;)Świetne, no i na dodatek ta ilość.
    Jak długo je malowałeś?

    1. Dzięki! Cieszę się, że się podoba!

      Na biurku przeleżały sporo czasu, bo bardzo długo nie mogłem się zmotywować, żeby im te freehandy domalować - i dopiero niedawno udało mi się je skończyć. Jakbym nie robił przerw, to tą 30-tkę co teraz dodałem skończyłbym pewnie w tydzień, jakbym co wieczór mógł do nich przysiąść. Może półtora.

  2. Jesteś cholerną maszyną...

    Gdzie znalazłeś tyle czasu na malowanie?!?!?

    1. Heh, dzięki! ;) Ja po prostu mało śpię i maluję po nocy ;D

  3. Regiment robi wrażenie, a tytuł wpisy powinien brzmieć "We are Legion!". :)

    1. Wielkie dzięki! Zombiaki mają już swój legion, więc panowie tutaj musieli się zadowolić innym tytułem ;)