Sunday, September 13, 2020

Blood Bowl Chaos Beastmen - WIP 3

The third batch of the weird beastmen, bringing us to a total of 6, half of the planned 12.  

A long time ago I bought a set of random bits, with a Mournfang head included - I knew I had to use it on this project. Still, the head was quite large and didn't fit all the beastman bodies that I had. After some experimentation, a ghoul body worked perfectly, creating this head-torsoed creature slouched under its own weight. I was unsure what to do with the arms until I finally decided to make them grow from the mouth itself - it's meant as a bifurcated tongue that happened to grow actual arm muscles and fingers on the ends, to be used as extra legs for running and handling the ball.    

The one on the right is the thrower - I really wanted to have at least one beastmen capable of passing the ball. It took me ages to decide on an interesting mutation to represent that - I considered a mouth that would morph into a grotesque launcher, spring-like limbs, or a fleshy catapult growing on top of the unfortunate player. Finally, I thought of incorporating some mechanical elements - a wheel! It is mounted inside the beastman's body and is integrated with its limbs - with the spin creating extra momentum, this thrower can pass farther any mundane being! The feet from this body were used on the birdlike beastman so this one got some vaguely Salvador Dali-like legs.


  1. These conversions get crazier and crazier! I particularly like the incorporation of the mournfang head. Impressive stuff!

    1. It's so nice to read such comments, glad you like how are they turning out! :)

  2. Brilliant stuff! The long stilt-legs on the right-hand fellow remind me of Moorcock's Olab.