Sunday, October 11, 2020

Blood Bowl Chaos Beastmen - WIP 6

Thankfully for you and me, here we are at the end of the lost & damned beastmen.  

First one started as a skill on a roster - I wanted a 'Leader'. Long have I thought how to symbolize it in a properly chaotic fashion - and I decided on giving it lots of eyes wandering around on their very nerves, observing the match and adjusting the game plan. That idea also went through numerous options, to finally end with a lion's head - it's big, impressive and atypical for a beastman - perfect. There are no eyes on the face - which fits the general theme, but should also give it some extra creepyness.  

The second one, the last one, was one of the first to be designed, but sculpted last. I wanted disproportionate limbs somewhere - and I would love an armless beastman somewhere - but you have to catch the ball somehow! Not being able to do much there, I decided to get rid of its legs - mostly. I had a weird snotling in my bits box and his legs worked just right with a Crypt Horror arms - creating a weird player that was blessed with hands and basically nothing else. I gave him proper Blood Bowl gloves - so that at least one player will be somehow properly dressed.

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  1. Ten z dyndającymi odnóżami jest uroczy jeśli tak można o tym potworze powiedzieć. W każdym bądź razie wywołał uśmiech na mej twarzy w ten ponury poranek ;)