Sunday, June 25, 2023


I guess it's time to change some things around here.

For years I have been trying to have a post every Sunday and for the most time, it worked. I mean, it worked well when I had a lot of time before 2020. Now, I noticed that I'm just trying to squeeze whatever into those slots, dividing larger topics into smaller chunks chunks, just to have anything on Sunday. We'll, I don't have as much time nowadays, can't lie about that.

So, starting now I'll be on a more relaxed schedule. The most important thing is to make good projects, not fast ones. I have large projects that have been waiting for years, maybe now I'll be able to actually do some work on them.

Also, don't worry that this is yet another burnout - I still paint almost every night, I am happy with it, I just need some more freedom in project choice and flexibility with posting.

I'll gladly go back to regular program once I have more time for me, now the family is the focus.


  1. Ja mam zakolejkowane posty do publikacji na kilka miesięcy do przodu. Dzięki temu na spokojnie mogę na bieżąco przygotowywać sobie kolejne wpisy.

    1. Jak najbardziej tak robię, ale przez ten czas jak mam zakolejkowane kilka postów to ledwie daję rade pomalować serię na kolejną kolejkę...

  2. Fair enough - whatever works!