Sunday, March 12, 2023

Errant Knights

We've had one group of knights here some time ago, now it's time to finally show off a full unit! All the knights, full command group and with a character too. They may be just young helmet-less knights, but it's still a good start.

As you can see, I updated the bases on all the knights to have more tufts, more ivy and more stones.

Next ones in the line are two units of Knights of the Realm, 12-knight-strong and 15-knight-strong. This will be a major undertaking, but seeing how nice just 9 of them look, I really can't wait to have them ready on my desk!

While Knights of the Realm are the mainline of Bretonnian forces, every one of them had to be an Errant Knight first. While relatively inexperienced, not as skilled and impetuous, they have the strengths that their older peers do not possess. Eager to prove themselves and not truly understanding the danger, they are truly fearless when charging and fight with heart unlike any older knight that spent too much time managing his lands and politics of the court. Earl Sagremor prefers to lead them himself in battle, using their strength directly to ride around the enemy force and strike their weak points.


  1. Każdy z osobna prezentował się świetnie, natomiast wszyscy razem wyglądają fantastycznie!