Sunday, January 22, 2023

Pegasus Knight #01

I apologize for the lack of the post last week, real life kinda derailed my plans.

At least this time I come with something fresher than those plague marines - a flying variant of Bretonnians! This model was originally a part of the batallion I bought for my 18th birthday ages ago and painted not much later after that. Wanting to refresh the whole project, I gave him a lifting of almost everything - improved shading, highlights, metallics, etc. The paintjob was quite thick to begin with, so his "spirit" of 2000s is still there. The biggest change was probably the base - perhaps you can recognize here, those slabs are painted cork. It was good enough for the young me, but now I just see ruined concrete there. To cover it up, I decided to make the base really lush with vegetation - not many options for that in my usual projects!

The whole idea for him was as basic as it gets. The pegasus is so white, he has a blue tint to him and the heraldry is based on papal white and yellow, to make him as "pristine" and "pure" as possible. There's even a cross on the crest! As you'll see on next flying knights, the next ones are much more "down to earth".

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  1. Dobre malowanie! A po ostatnich Nurglitach, aż oślepia swoją czystością!