Sunday, May 8, 2022

Knight of the Realm #06

Okay, now this guy was an experiment. I try to combine all the allowed colors in all sorts of ways in my unit - and one of those combinations is black & white. Kinda like Teutonic Knights. To make things more interesting, I decided to give him a "white tiger" theme, with the stripes and fitting heraldry. No gold details, the horse is black, leather gray, only a reflection of my lamp shows up as a spot of warmth on top of his head. If not for the grass and the base, the pics could be desaturated all the way down and nobody would notice.

What do you think about him? Is it still Bretonnia in such a color scheme?


  1. Chyba najlepszy z dotychczas pomalowanych.

  2. Przez chwilę myślałem nawet, że to blog potsiata Gangs of Mordheim. ;) Ale to tylko czarnobiałe zdjęcie. ;)

    Dobrze wyszedł, trochę jak duch.

  3. It's quite strange, but I think it works. The little wavy lines give it a weird, John Blanche-type feel. Maybe he's a ghost. The freehand is excellent, too.